Recommendations upon COVID-19 for employers looking for talents

Apr 17, 2020

Having the right talent in the right place at the right time is a make-or-break factor for organizations of all sizes. But how to figure out the recent virus outbreak COVID-19 (Wuhan Pneumonia Virus)? To freeze hiring? To reserve candidates? To see around and wait?

Meet.Jobs suggests you several points on the possible market prospections and new opportunities for hiring:

It’s the perfect headhunting season worldwide!

Apart from healthcare and social impact, the global economy got shifted in a great way too. Shutdown of the world factory of China took immediate negative effect on European and American markets. Some companies decided to cut down expenses, including unpaid leaves and layoffs for their employees. On the other hand, loosening competition and increased talents supply prompted other companies to intensify recruitment to headhunt outstanding talents.

Quality talent is always scarce.

Virus outbreak released an unprecedented supply of unique talents to the labor market. Smart companies already realized the competitive advantage of the situation as a rare opportunity to hire best talents.

To be or not to be?

Right now it’s hard to predict the situation. Even with economists’ forecast for obvious economic slowdown in Q2, Q3 and Q4 and gradual recovery over the following year, many companies prefer to wait for another 2-3 months to have a clearer picture. By that time, however, it will be clear only about the aftermath of economical impact and not about new opportunities to seize. In other words, it’s better to go on interviewing and reserving potential candidates rather than close openings and stop hiring at all.

Make use of the remote. Leverage conditional hiring.

Many clients of Meet.Jobs already transited to work from home without meaningful impact to their working efficiency so far. It is relevant for IT, digital marketing, international businesses etc. Conditional hiring means employment under certain conditions. For example, a company hires a candidate who currently can’t come to Singapore due to a virus outbreak, so under conditional hiring company can align work remotely first and suggest a candidate to come as soon as Singapore opens its boundaries for foreign labor power. Another case is if a company wishes to retain a candidate, they can sign up a contract first to claim hiring interest.

Use Agile interview to leverage hiring.

Meet.Jobs is eager to provide tools for hiring faster and efficiently. Recent Speed Interview Events proved high effectiveness, however it was for several companies per each event. This time we bring Agile Interview, which is the same Highly Effective tool as Speed Interview, however dedicated for a single company and provided with more adjustability for a single client’s needs. Agile Interview is easily customized, doesn’t have limitations for speed interview duration, may include “Open House” “Free Talk”, “Office tour”, “Q&A session” and can be done on-site or on-line.

Look around for the best practices!

We hosted Agile interview @Gogoro Headquarters on April 11, 2020. We initially expected no more than 200 applications, however already got 400 candidates applying for 30 IT job openings. Among applicants there are PhDs from prestigious local and international universities, talents from well-known companies like HP and MediaTek. Are you open to discussing how we can customize Agile Interview for you? No problem, contact your contact window at Meet.Jobs.

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