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Jul 28, 2021

People should be freer, more enriched and have more fun in creating more value. This is the underlying idea for PayPay’s new work style – WFA.

PayPay, a fintech company consists of diverse members from more than 40 different countries and they are all living in Japan but not necessarily in Tokyo, Japan. In 2020, PayPay announced that we will move to a new way of working named “Work from Anywhere at Anytime” or “WFA” for short. Simply put, you can choose your own work style to achieve results whenever and wherever you want. People should be freer, more enriched and have more fun in creating more value. This is the underlying idea for PayPay’s new work style – WFA.

Product Designer – Kyoko Fukuda

Kyoko is a product designer at PayPay. She was born and raised in Tokyo but seeing her colleagues who moved to Japan from different countries at
PayPay, she started to vaguely explore the idea of challenging herself to live in a different city. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it a reality to move out of Tokyo. She finally chose to live in Matsumoto, Nagano because it fits her interests perfectly, its cultural assets, crafts and beautiful nature.

IT Control Officer – Jonathan Fieldingtrent

He has always loved this place and made many visits. Shimoda has great nature such as beautiful mountains and the ocean, and you can enjoy many activities such as surfing, running, and gardening. What he values the most is the health of his family. The school offers field trips to the local beach and classes in agriculture, and it seems like the children are getting a unique rural experience. His family is very happy to be away from the city, surrounded by nature, and living at a relaxed pace.

Back-end Engineer – Qingmei Zhao

She had been living in Yokohama until she moved, but she has always loved the Japanese countryside. Kagoshima is a very relaxing place with mountains, rivers, and the ocean. There is also an active volcano, Sakurajima, and she even has a hot spring at home. At PayPay, we use cutting-edge technology. And we’re always trying to improve our environment. There is a lot to learn, but she enjoys this situation. She is simply happy that she is able to work in PayPay’s cutting-edge environment and has the mountains and rivers of Kirishima at her doorstep. null

A Group Of Professionals With Overwhelming Potential

Basically, work is done in a place where you can concentrate. It can be at home or in one of our new satellite offices. In addition, if certain conditions, such as security, are met, it is also possible to use cafes and public facilities, or even work on the road. At PayPay, we have a group of people who are seriously trying to make such a world a reality. They are hard-working professionals with a tremendous amount of passion, so it is a lot of fun working here. In other words, I’m in the midst of “a group of professionals with overwhelming potential.”

We’re looking forward to hearing from professionals who want to work with us!

When you relocate to Japan, we will sponsor your working VISA, including your family members as well as offer relocation allowance. For more information, please check our corporate page.


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PayPay is a fintech company consisting of diverse members from more than 40 different countries, PayPay has acquired more than 40M users (as of Jul, 2021) in around 3 years since its service launch in 2018. Although the number of employees has already exceeded 1,500, we are half-fledged and still in the phase of growing. Lot of people are still joining PayPay to deliver new values to the world. We are still expanding every day.